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About us

The Arabian Environmental protection Co. LLC (AEPCO) is pioneering venture born out of the absolute necessity to reduce the marine pollution caused by the illegal discharge of the oily waste by vessels either passing or anchored off the UAE East Coast. Incorporated in mid- 1999, AEPCO brought to the emirates a unique Oil Separation technology that meets the waste management goals of the UAE in an environmentally acceptable manner. The Fujairah Treatment facility is strategically located on a land of 60,000 sq. ft. in the Fujairah free zone II. This plant is conveniently situated next to the port of Fujairah.

AEPCO service is mainly catering to the Marine (ships & ports) industry and the oilfield sectors of Drilling, Production and Refinery and with its operation of custom or standard build separation systems for treatment of oily waste and slop oil. AEPCO Oily Waste Separation Systems provide benefit to clients seeking an environmentally sound Waste Management Program. This is to comply with the standard practices of the Environmental 3R's - Reduce, Recycle, Re-use. AEPCO treated oily waste is categorized as

  • Recycling of Oil and Water, and
  • Re-use of oil as a product with water returned to nature 
  • Re-use of Oil removed from sludge.
AEPCO therefore, operates treatment systems required in the Oil terminals, Refinery and Marine industry to clean oily waste generated as a by-product of their operations. These wastes are identified from drilling, production and completion fluids, operations fuel oils and diesel oils, crude oil refinery & transport vessels slops and sludge, refinery emulsions, API separator sludge’s, tank bottom sediments, stored oil waste pits, polluted soils, ships slops, bildge water, dirty lube oils and the like. Land base and marine port reception facilities, tank farms, oily waste dump sites and oil polluted soil sites and to different types of Oilfield operations.

Our Mission

To eliminate or minimize the environmental impact of the waste, by providing the generator with an alternative, cost effective waste management process.

Our Core Values

  • Pioneering technology
  • First fully FEA approved sludge treatment facility in UAE
  • Customer Service focused
  • Well experienced and highly skilled manpower

Our Vision

To be competitive and specialized in keeping the environment safe by treating the hazardous waste with right methodology.




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